Little Rapids NOAA Project

Little Rapids Habitat Restoration Engineering and Design – St. Marys River AOC

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NOAA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative cooperative funding provided for the development of preliminary engineering, hydraulic flow model study, environmental assessment and preliminary monitoring to assess the feasibility of moving forward with the implementation of restoring flow at the Little Rapids in the St. Marys River  Area of Concern (AOC).

Engineering Design Information

Box Culverts Rendering

Proposed Movement of Traffic (2-Lanes)

Flow Modeling Information

Flow Distribution Maps

Draft Modeling Report

Background Information

Benefit to the Resource (St. Marys River system)

Draft Environmental Assessment

Causeway Road History

BPAC Area of Concern Fact Sheet

Great Lakes Commission Fact Sheet

Benefit to the Resource (St. Marys River system)

Little Rapids FAQ

Project Location Map

Sediment Study (2005)

Project Location Map